Allison Alexander

Allison has spent a lifetime following her curiosity. As a child, she moved constantly in her military family which sparked her fascination in humans as well as a passion for supporting community. 

She has spent over two decades exploring the connection between mind, body and spirit. Breath became a personal fascination for her during Pilates teacher training. Allison has continued to follow that passion ever since  taking what she has learned into a variety of modalities and esoteric practices. 

Her work is rooted in a deep connection to spirit. Commitment to the practices she shares with the world has allowed her to create a life with less anxiety and overwhelm with deep peace. 

As a lifelong student of the human condition she has degrees and certifications in Women’s Studies, Political Science, Library Science, Breathwork, Intuitive Coaching, powerlifting, Pilates, Crossfit, tarot, inner child guidance, Human Design, trauma informed space holding,  leadership and more.

Her life’s work is supporting change makers around the globe in connecting to radical self love to allow their heart-led missions to take shape for the betterment of the greater community. 

Allison lives in Snowmass with her family and can be found hiking around the valley with her poodle most days.