Alli Bee Levy

Alli Bee is a 500 E-RYT that is also Reiki Level 2 certified. Her passion for yoga started eleven years ago when she was in her darkest of times. Her time on her mat became her safe space, and the place where she learned her boundaries and rediscovered herself. She is forever a believer that this practice holds the power to find one’s light. It has become her life’s mission and purpose to help others find the gold that lies beneath the surface of the skin. Yoga helped Alli Bee to overcome addiction and gave her faith in herself as she kept growing in her practice. Yoga gave her a space to forgive, reconnect and regain her own trust in herself again. She even wrote a book, Wild Journey to the Light, about how she found her light; spoiler alert, the two main themes that helped her find her light were yoga and removing alcohol from her diet. 

Yoga can be a guiding tool for others to discover their own boundaries in life, by exploring the boundaries of the body in their asana practice. Alli Bee makes sure to give plenty of options to be as inclusive as possible and so her students can explore which option “lights” them up the most. Choice is not always given in this world, but in Alli Bee’s classes, one will be presented with many. 

Alli Bee’s training was based upon Iyengars alignment principles and her own style of vinyasa that is sure to leave the students feeling uplifted, empowered and blissed out. With up-beat music curated to set the vibes for class, Alli Bee works with the energy in the room to bring an unique experience every time! No class is ever the same and the playlist is changed weekly. 

Alli Bee also hosts Holotropic Breathwork which uses the “in, in, out” technique. She guides her students 100% of the way through waves of intensity alongside music to help encourage the rhythm and flow of the session. She infuses her breathwork with Reiki to help encourage and bring support when sensed. In these sessions there can be a deep dive into the subconscious mind that shifts emotions and stored trauma around so they can be released. Sometimes what is released isn’t even yours, but stored generational trauma. Whether you are ready to heal your family lineage, release that which isn’t serving, or want to bring in courage for a new journey, this style of breathwork is for you! (This style of breathwork is not recommended for those with severe anxiety, heart concerns or those who are pregnant.)