Ali Janavaris

👋 I am Ali Janavaris

Ali grew up attending yoga classes. For her, practicing yoga brought her comfort. During college when Ali decided to take her practice mostly off the mat, sometimes she would forget how to tap into the comfort feeling of mind-body-soul harmony. After graduating college, she decided to take a much-needed break from the go-go-go world in which she lived, and focus on yoga to help lead her in the right direction. In the course of this detour period, Ali earned her 200 hour Kripalu yoga teaching certification at Kripalu School of Yoga and Health. In choosing to take this detour to slow down, it helped her to fully come into her true self. Ali came back home to herself - her body being in alignment with her mind and soul. During this chapter, Ali's teachers became Larissa Hall Carlson, Kari Harendorf, Marilyn Whalen, Sally Millice, and Maggie Fiorella Winter. Since this chapter in her life felt so good, she wrote the chapters after to have the same character lead her life in this same feel-good way. Ali has dedicated her life to learning about all things yoga. 

When Ali is not teaching, she is taking science courses to learn more about anatomy and physiology to help in her teaching and personal practice. Ali's style is slow and steady. Some describe her practice as being very water-based, involving experimental free-flowing movements and breath. Her soft voice and gentle presence help to create a peaceful practice for students to genuinely turn inwards. Ali's goal is to share the wisdom and power of yoga with all people. Through this, she aims to support students in their healing journeys to discover their true, soulFUL, and loveable selves. ❤