Alexis Barris

  • (she/her, I/we) Alexis Barris serves a supportive role in the community - yoga instruction, music, meditation, sound healing, flow & fire arts, tribal dance, and an overall love for nature, earth, and its creatures. Alexis encompasses a nurturing and empowering love for all to explore the energies that serve a purpose. Always being a student, Alexis enjoys learning and growing, to serve as a pillar for all walks of life. 

  • There is dedication in assisting students with the tools they can use to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit --- to break free from limitations, making way for an enlightening and authentic way of being in balance.

  • Living in Appalachia for 10 years, teaching for 13+ years, and continuing on-going education, Alexis is honored to help assist guiding in simple, accessible, and effective tools, awakening creative expression and peace.
    Celebrating her multi-cultural fusion, Alexis is honored to include Indigenous, Latin, Caribbean, and Afro shamanic teachings in dance and sound journey workshops. Alexis currently works with Asheville Yoga Center, the Ayurprana Listening Room, and volunteers weekly.

  • Healing from a numerous amount of physical ailments, such as: 20+ concussions, degenerative disc disease, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune dis-eases, a heart condition, etc., and a plethora of lessons, Alexis continued to persevere and tune into holistic healing remedies. Between dancing & singing from age 3, joining a gifted youth program, naturally tuning into vipassana meditating at the young age of 11, producing music at age 13, exploring the simplicity in any complexity, learning accessable solutions to free from spiritual and physical narratives, she always feels a calling to 'heal thyself, so that she may help community heal.' Loving fully, living in authenticity, learning to be involved in the current current to create anew and embrace true change.

  • Alexis encourages unification in diversity and movement for all, with all. Additionally, all classes are beginner-friendly. Basics transform our foundation into building blocks of healthy movement.
  • Music & Movement - Educational Trainings:
◇Ayla Nereo - Asheville 
◇Poranguí - Asheville 
◇Rising Appalachia - Asheville 
◇Chinobay - Asheville
◇Adama - Asheville & Black Mountain 
◇Flow Arts Institute
◇Nath Master Yogi Ishanath - Mantra & Bhakti - Black Mountain
◇International Bronx Dance Theater - New York
◇Fat Chance Belly Dance Trainings - New Jersey

  • Yogic Certifications / Attunements:
Music - Sound/Vocal Healing (10+ years) ✦
Flow Arts (14 years) ✦
Tribal Fusion Dance (14 years) ✦
Vedic Mantra Initiation - Nath Tradition (7 years) ✦
Vedic Kriya Initiation - Nath Tradition (7 years) ✦
Vedic Thai Assisted Stretching (1 year) ✦
Kapalabhati Pranayama Facilitator (7 years) ✦
Wim Hof Breathwork (1+ years)  ✦
Kundalini Breathwork & Kriya (7 years) ✦
Headstand Facilitator (5 years) ✦
Metta / Maitrī Meditation (10+ years) ✦
Vipassanā Meditation (20+ years) ✦
Bhakti Yoga (10 years) ✦
Hatha Yoga / Nath Tradition (7+ years) ✦
Kids (All Ages) & Spectrum-based Yoga (10 years) ✦
Chair Yoga (10 years) ✦
Kids/Teen Yoga (Spectrum-based) (3+ years) ✦
Veterans Yoga (1 years) ✦
Senior Yoga (2 years) ✦

Some Institutions worked with & studied with:
The Vedic Conservatory
Resonance Science Foundation
Dhamma Sirī Center
Life-Force Academy
One Yoga
The Yoga Bridge
OM Sanctuary
The Arc of Buncombe

All is welcome. ϟ