Alexandra Williams

For Alexandra, Yoga Asana, or the physical practice of movement, is an opportunity to connect the rhythm of the body, breath and the mind as one.  A rhythmic yoga asana class has become the best meditation for Alexandra and she is passionate about sharing this energy with her students.  Over the past few years her classes have grown to find the  intersection of alignment and flow.  Her teaching is primarily rooted in her 500-hr Prana Vinyasa Yoga training, with influence from other forms of movement exercise and her own personal body transformations from injury, pregnancy, and simply the journey of her own practice over time.   With over 700 hours of teacher training acquired since 2011, Alexandra loves being a part of the 1.1 Teacher Training Program to pass on what she has learned to others.  In Alexandra’s classes you will experience creative and intelligent sequencing that builds on layers, or kramas, making it accessible for the beginner to the dedicated practitioner.  You will move to music, build heat and find proper alignment as you flow.  Alexandra's goal is simple- to introduce yoga in a way that opens you up to being your best self, and helping students to explore what yoga can be beyond the physical practice.
IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Creative and intelligent sequencing, building from a foundation to add different stages of development (kramas), allowing each person to find their place in the practice. Music will play, & you'll experience energetic flows rooted in alignment. You will leave warm in your heart and your body. All levels welcome & options will be given, but a degree of previous practice is recommended for Vinyasa.