Alex Lee-Ammons

👋 I am Alex Lee-Ammons

Alex has an unshakable trust that when one aligns themselves in yoga asana, they have access to more freedom and clarity in every pocket of life. She leads her students towards stronger bodies and softer hearts through detailed demos, unique sequencing, and drills that help her students access hard-to-reach places. Her classes are an educational biomechanical experience that will help you touch into Spirit through deep embodiment.

She is a student at heart, and prioritizing her studentship has been one of the greatest sources and realizers of magic in her life. She has studied with Christina Sell, Buffy Barfoot, Patrick Montgomery, and Becca Roodhyzen, and is enamored with the deep well of study, knowledge, and practice that is Yoga.

She believes that this practice reveals more empathy, heart, and goodness in each of us. Alex hopes that, while on the mat, her students receive the experience of feeling safe and at home in their bodies. 

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