Al Andromalos

👋 I am Al Andromalos

Feelings of an unsettled body and mind led Al into the door of One Point One Yoga which, as cliche as it may sound, changed her life. Yoga felt like the physical movement that she knew she needed accompanied with joy, ease and mindfulness which she didn’t fully realize she was missing. She was blessed to discover that shortly after beginning teacher training at One Point One in 2019 she was expecting. Deepening her practice while growing a human allowed for so much self discovery. She contributes so much of her positive pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences to her yoga practice and the timing in relation to her training. She became an RYT200 in Jan 2020 in the 34th week of her pregnancy. Inspired by her own journey, she is currently working on her 85-hr prenatal yoga training. In her professional life, Al is a certified Physician Assistant who spent much of her career working in orthopaedics. You will see an intentional anatomic focus throughout her classes.

In her perinatal classes you can expect a slower flow that incorporates asana, both active and restorative, safe for all women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. In her vinyasa classes you can expect movements that build on one another with options for all. All levels welcome.