Adriana Adelé

Through yoga, Adriana, she/they, holds space for intentional movement, deep rest, learning/unlearning, rediscovery of eternal divinity, and affirmation of our innate wholeness as individuals & in service of the collective. Adriana is focused on increasing access to this practice of liberation for all and offering these tools to youth practitioners and to those who have been excluded from the dominant wellness narrative.

Adriana’s mixed level classes are often of moderate intensity with a range of variations to support yourself and practice in the moment. Her restorative offerings are grounded in ease, stillness, uprooting toxic dominant frameworks, and yoga nidra to guide you towards the divine within. Regardless of style, Adriana emphasizes self-inquiry, discernment in action, sovereignty, and interconnectedness through interwoven movement, pranayama, mediation, and moments of contemplation throughout class.