Adam Barrameda

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I was studying theatre in undergrad when I noticed all the most wonderful, inspiring artists I met often spoke of their yoga or meditation practice. I quickly discovered it was so profoundly useful, for creating awareness and choice around the subtle inner workings of body and spirit, that I nearly ditched acting school altogether. Since then this practice, and the great teachers I have been fortunate to know, continue to deliver me to more intimate awareness of how I choose to move through the world.

The foundation of my teaching is Kula's 200hr training and the generous mentorship of Nikki Vilella, Alex Auder, Nikki Costello, and Magi Pierce. In every class I hope to wake up pleasure and curiosity; to balance anatomical precision with imaginative play; and to cultivate mindfulness and heartfulness in equal measure. Expect a thorough vinyasa practice drawing from modalities as diverse as Iyengar, modern dance, Linklater voice, Grotowski training, Gaga, weightlifting, and Vipassana insight meditation. Endless love and gratitude for all of team Kula. I am speechless to be welcome in such excellent company.

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