Why You Should Share Your Videos on Social

I hear it All. The. Time. Brands are afraid to put out free content because they think they’ll lose paying customers when the opposite is true. Free content is an entry into your brand, a way to spread your name and to have their pain points heard. You might even relieve their pain points with your content but you won’t solve their problems until they convert. And that’s the secret. 

Give Away All Your Knowledge

As a brand strategist I give away all the knowledge I possibly can about running a brand and having powerful marketing because I know that my customers don’t pay for what I know, they pay for what I can do. So a free online class here or there will NEVER make up for the experience of an in-person class or an in-depth workshop or program. 

Because what you get when you’re a member of the community is insights in alignment, ideas for new poses, and conversations about resources you didn’t know existed. Not only that but I pay for classes or programs that will show me exactly how to implement new poses or strategies when it comes to my wellness. 

Free Content Gets You Seen

Ever seen a video you thought a loved one would find value in? Or maybe you found an article you knew that your best friend could relate to? So what did you do? You shared it. You forwarded an email, tagged them in a post, or sent a post to their DMs. You spread the word about whatever content you were consuming. That’s the power of free content. 

When you upload your Union videos to YouTube, IGTV, or Facebook you are creating shareable moments. You tell your audience that you’re there for them and want to support their practice so here, have a little freebie to enjoy. And they enjoy it so much they pass it along. Now you have at least one new person looking at your brand. 

That’s exactly what you’re looking for in your business. To have your audience spreading the word about you and talking you up. 

Grow Your Following + Your Subscribers

So here’s the deal. Free content helps you reach new audiences. It gets shared, it gets used, it’s appreciated. With the spread of your content, you’ll see growth in your followers online which allows you to speak to a larger audience when you have specials, launches, or your once-in-a-blue-moon sales posts. 

Free content helps you grow. 

But it does more than that. It will help you get new subscribers too! The thing about online classes or in-studio memberships is you’re usually offering more than just yoga. You are offering a community, a library of classes that will fit your mood and needs, discounts in your shop, and other amazing offerings. So even if you have free content online. Even if you grow a YouTube library filled with free classes (think Yoga with Adrien), you will still get subscribers. Students who love what you’re doing and want to support you. Students who need more than just what’s free on YouTube. Your subscriptions allow for ease of use, an app on their phone, perks with your brand, a community to connect with, and so much more. 

So show off a free class here or there and invite viewers back to your website to get more. 

The Power of Sharing Your Videos

Downloading your Union classes and sharing a few online (say even 1 per week) is an easy way to provide value to your followers, get them to share your brand, build trust, highlight what a class with you is like, and eventually convert new subscribers. 

The great news is that you don’t even have to share a full-length video. Trim it down to highlight the opening meditation, instructions on a specific pose, or speed it up so you can see a full class in 1 minute. 

Your videos on Union are content that you can reuse on your social to save you time so that you can be in your community, not just busy behind the curtain building it. Use the download feature on Union to start building a social presence that will grow your brand!

Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here.