Why choose Union over other streaming options

Most studios and teachers are searching for a way to continue to serve their students and communities, but there's a bewildering amount of options out for teaching when we can't be in the same room together. Here's why we believe Union to be the best:

Simple for Students
No frantically checking your social feed to see when they can join your class. No apps to install, no security issues, no tracking down instructions in variety of places. A nice schedule they can see, register in advance for, and get instructions for a great streaming experience on mobile, desktop, or TV.

Simple for You
You quickly build your schedule with classes that look great, and with a few clicks embed right on your personal website.

You get Paid
You have the ability to have people directly pay you for a one-time class, or become a member that pays you automatically each month. No spraying and praying on various free video platforms and hoping enough ads are viewed for you to get a check or that people pay you via Venmo.

You maintain a relationship with your students
With Union, you're not throwing your content over the wall to a third party and then maybe getting a cryptic check months later. You know exactly who signed up for what when so you can engage in an ongoing relationship with students and learn how to continue to better serve me,

We set you up to stream in HD from your phone. No shooting video, editing it, and uploading it.

Your Classes can be Replayed Forever
Instead of teaching a class once and it's gone, your classes are automatically saved, tagged, and now available for your members to replay, or anyone new to you to purchase as a drop-in or view as part of a free trial. Just by teaching as you normally do you are building a vast Netflix-like library of classes.

Built by Experts
The team at Union has been building event technology for the biggest brands in the world and been deeply involved in the business of teaching for decades.