Union for Studios

COVID-19 has undeniably reshaped all of our lives, but the need to flatten the curve has hit studios and gathering places hardest. The need for the work is greater than ever: studios are uniquely equipped to help us all stay mindful, balanced, and fit, but need help adapting to our new normal of operating in a world where we cannot physically be together.

We've built Union after spending our careers using software to bring people together for transcendent, life-changing experiences. Over the last 18 months we've been working on a software platform that enables studios to survive and thrive into the future versus being stuck in a mindset of the past.

When your studio is on Union: 

  • Your clients don't have to download software or configure anything. They just register for classes as they do today and join the livestream over the Internet from their desktop, phone, or tablet.

  • Your teachers can keep teaching from anywhere in the world with a phone and Internet connection. Instead of downloading a bunch of software and fighting their way through a tangle of duct-taped links, they click one button on their phone and teach as they always have.

  • You can continue to charge how you do now via drop-ins, class packs, monthly memberships, and payment plans instead of hoping that people pay you

  • Every class ever taught can be replayed to anyone on the Internet as a drop-in or free as part of a membership. Every class you teach goes on the shelf of your studio's catalog

  • We let you focus on delivering great experiences–we'll handle the support requests

  • We don't charge monthly fees but share in the gains and the losses: we are 100% motivated to help you grow and retain your members.