Track Conversions with Landing Page

You’ve set up ads or launched a new promotion on your website, but without being able to track conversions how do you know if your marketing efforts are working? In order to repeat any given marketing strategy you need to know it’s working first and that’s where Union’s landing pages come in handy. 

While your pixels will provide you with some information about how ads are performing, the new privacy integrations from apple and other providers is limiting how accurate this data is. We’re all for keeping information private but we also know that as businesses, we need to know what’s working. Which is why Union developed conversion tracking with your landing pages. 

We encourage Orgs to make a landing page for not only every purchase option (pass, subscription, and payment plan) but also based on the marketing platform you’re using. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into this idea...

Say you just launched a new promo intro offer that you get your first month for $49 which will then move into a subscription at $99 a month. You’ll want to market this on you website, in your email, on social media and maybe even with some ads. To know which platforms are bringing you in the conversion you’ll create a landing page with the same information, linked to the same subscription but with a different internal name, like the example below. 

Now you have three separate landing pages with different links. You'll add the "Intro Offer - Website" link to your website, and the other links to your email and Google ads. When someone purchases from that link we’ll be able to see how many purchases have occurred, the conversion rate based on how many people visited the page, and the total dollar amount that was earned from that page. You'll clearly be able to see if a marketing campaign is working and which one performs the best. Based on this data we see that the email list has brought in the most, links from the website brought in the second most, and only 4 orders have been based from Google Ads. If you've spent less than $200 on Google ads then this too, is a win! 

When your promotion is done you can choose to un-publish the landing pages so that customers can’t find them anymore. All your data will be saved when you go look at your archived pages but no new data can be added. If you start up the campaign again you simply have to turn the landing page back on. 

By using landing pages you not only create a great user experience for purchasing a product but you also have the ability to track where customers are coming from and know with confidence what marketing strategies are working. 

Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here

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