New Feature: Lead Integration with Copper

"If a tree falls down in the woods and nobody hears it... does it make a sound?" - Zen Proverb

"If a student comes to your YTT website and doesn't choose to apply... do they ever become a yogi?" - Union Marketing Team

We know that converting prospects for your YTT into paid trainees is a huge burden and important part of your business. So we've built a new tool on the YTT registrations page to help you bring in more leads, follow up with them, and track their communication effortlessly by linking with CopperCRM and Gmail through the process of registration. We want to make your student recruitment process all about authentic communication, leaving the manual entry and busywork to us!

Lead Management Integration with Copper and Gmail

Take a look at the work-flow below. This workflow has already proven to be highly effective with some of our beta studios. Now we give it to you.  

Notice the new "Let's Talk" Button. This links to a short form that helps a YTT prospect quickly make the first connection
Notice the new 'Let's Talk' button

They can then fill out an application that can be customized to your offering:
New Lead form

Once they fill this out, they will receive an immediate thank you email, and as a Union Administrator you'll receive a copy of the form they filled out:

Lead received!

You'll notice there's a new 'View on Copper' link in the email (see above) that shows off our new integration with Copper CRM that keeps track of these submissions with all of the information they filled out:

New Copper Lead

Copper gives you an overview of where every student that has applied is in their application/registration process. You can track all your communications and see reports on revenue projections.

All Students in Copper


Through Copper/Gmail integration you Instantly get the context you need to help students right inside your inbox. See every email and phone call anyone on your team has had with them without having to go search through old emails and systems. With the time you save you can grab a ten-minute savasana. 

Everything right inside Gmail

Like what you see? Want help to use this new integration? Just contact us at