How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

When we started Union in 2019, before we wrote any software we spent a lot of time listening and learning. For months we spoke with thousands of wellness creators and clients, focusing on clients that had signed up for memberships and then canceled within 90 days. What we learned surprised us: one of the top reasons for canceling was that there was no online offering.

In-Person AND Online, Not In-Person OR Online

With that in mind, one of Union’s first goals was to make online easy. On Union, with nothing more than a smartphone and an internet connection, your teachers could host amazing online experiences that look and sound great. Once they’ve ended, they are instantly added to your Replay Library without additional effort.

We also worked to evolve your ability to manage In-Person, from greater control over hybrid subscription pricing, to the Register, to more self-service options for clients. As In-Person ramps back up, we’ve found it replaces live online classes but not on-demand replays. Replays are something customers do in addition to joining live, not a replacement, and a robust replay library significantly boosts retention.

Most Union customers see at least a third of their revenue come from replays, an additional revenue stream on top of live classes (In-Person and Online). This is especially powerful because it doesn’t require any additional work: teach once, sell forever.

Provide Transformation, Not Content

Live events and on-demand content are tools in your journey, but not the destination. Your clients come to you because they are seeking a transformation: they want to get stronger, more flexible, have less anxiety, master a new skill, or connect with others that share those goals. How can you meet clients where they are, and get them to where they want to go? How can you package up evergreen online content that you can sell untethered from a schedule?

Find Your Tribe

On a road trip of unbroken stretches of road and silence, I saw a bumper sticker that rivals any koan: “Wyoming. It’s not for everyone.” We encourage everyone on Union to embrace their inner Wyoming: What do you believe? Who do you serve? Who don’t you serve? It’s not about drawing lines or making divisions, but it’s about amplifying your best. Connect with those that resonate with your message most, don’t try to be all things to all people. Someone looking for a cheap class can find that easily enough with a Youtube search or a daily deal perusal in the Mindbody app. You don’t want eyeballs or a free visit, you want a tribe.

Union is built for this–you have full control over your programming, your pricing, your customers. We don’t pit you against other providers or try to wrest memberships from your customers.