How To Price Your Services

When building out your pricing on Union it's easy to want to create a hundred different pricing options. However, in the long run this becomes a headache for you when you're building campaigns in or just keeping things organized for you and your team on the backend. It's why we suggest keeping your pricing options to the bare minimum with only 3-5 options plus payment plans for large ticket trainings. 


The very first pricing option you'll have is a drop-in. This is how you get friends of students and new students into the studio to test the waters. We've seen this as an in-person option and digital option, so whether you're a studio or a creator, having a drop-in price will be needed in your pricing.

To discover how to price your drop-ins find 3 businesses that are similar to your and in the a similar location (If you're a creator find option that have a similar audience size to you). Based on what you're seeing in your market you'll better be able to price your drop-in classes. This goes for the other pricing options listed below too.

Drop-in passes and 10-pack passes are two of the leading pass types for revenue we're seeing with Orgs on Union.


We've seen packages in every size. 2-packs, 5-packs, 10-packs, 20-packs, the list goes on and on. But what we've seen is that 10-packs are the most commonly purchased and usually have the best monetary value for you and your students without detracting from a subscription option.

You can choose to have an expiration on your 10-packs or to allow them to last forever. If you're a studio we also recommend that you make them good for in-person or online classes.
You'll see three different subscription options here including an unlimited, a limited hybrid, and virtual unlimited. The other two passes have access codes attached to them and therefore won't be seen on the passes page.

Unlimited Subscription

Now we get into the pricing option that will do the most for your Org–subscriptions. There is really only one subscription that you need to have and that's an unlimited subscription. This allows students to have access to all your regularly scheduled content (not necessarily workshops, trainings, or retreats). Your most dedicated students are in this audience looking to get multiple classes from you in any given week.

For those who own a studio, you can offer two subscription options–Unlimited and Online Only. This way if students can't afford your unlimited, don't use it enough, or have moved away, they still have an affordable option that allows them to stay connected to your community.
In the deleted passes page (linked at the bottom of your passes page) you'll see all previous pricing option. If you need to undelete it you can just click on the arrow next to "view" and re-enable it.

Delete Old Pricing

Along with keeping your pricing options minimal you'll want to keep things clean and organized in your Union account. There will be special promotions you'll offer throughout the year or a subscription with an intro offer on it so that there are more than 5 non-public pricing options. These should all be well named or have access codes attached to them that make sense and give you a clear understanding of what they are. When a promotion is over you should delete the old pricing so that it doesn't clutter your space or confuse your staff. By deleting a price option you aren't deleting it forever, so anyone who is in that pricing will stay but students can't be added to it moving forward.

Know What Prices You're Offering

This goes without saying, but you'd be surprised how often this happens-Double check that you aren't making a pricing option that already exists. When you have too many pricing options in your Union account it can be hard to keep track of what's in there, what's live, and what was an old promotion. By keeping things clean and simple you'll know what prices you're offering and keep from making duplicates which will only cause problems down the road (especially if you start building automated campaigns). 

Simplify your Pricing

It feels counterintuitive to have so few pricing options, but when we dive into the psychology of the matter, we as humans don't like to be overwhelmed by options. It's why when you got to almost any other business model you'll see three price options side by side. And in most cases, there is one option that is obviously the best deal of them all, which in this case would be your unlimited subscription.

All the passes with the red "no" under passes page are not shown on the public passes page. However, when someone is checking out they'll see that as an option if it applies to their order UNLESS there is an access code attached to that pass.

Limit the options you offer publicly so that your passes page is clean and clear. Keep your Union account up to date with old pricing archived and current pricing clearly labeled. Know what your students want and need. If you know that you sell more 5-packs than 10-packs currently then it might make more sense to keep the 5-pack option and eliminate all your other package options. The goal isn't to make your Org look like every other Org on Union but to provide you with ideas on how to make your life a little easier and to make your Org more clear to your customer. Whatever pricing you choose, make sure there are less than 5 public options and make it clear which option is the best deal. Just making that small change will have have huge effects for your Org. 


Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here