How To Price For Inclusivity

You most likely went into the wellness industry because you wanted to help people. Encouraging others to move their bodies, lose weight, and feel their best is calling that not all of us could take. But how do you balance wanting to help everyone with the rising costs of running a business? You add specific ways in which you Org can serve a community that might not be able to afford your regular monthly pricing, and we've seen this done in three different ways.

Provide Free Livestreams

Ever heard of the brand CreativeLive? They're something like a MasterClass for creatives offering free videos to learn new tools to your trade but only when the video is live on their website. After it's live you can choose to purchase it to watch (or re-watch) later. This model has made CreativeLive a major competitor in the video content industry and helped thousands of people learn the skills they need to live the life of their dreams.

This same model can work for you too. To make your Org more accessible to the community you could choose to make all livestream videos free while the on-demand and in-person classes require a pass (drop-in, class pack, or subscription). You can then market to your community letting local news outlets and non-profits know that you offer free classes daily for anyone who needs them. This does limit it to people who have access to internet but it still allows you to hit a large portion of the population who wants to start on their wellness journey but can't afford it.

Scheduled Donation Based Classes

Whether you're an online creator or a studio you can choose to offer classes that are donation based with a suggested price. These classes would be specific on your schedule so that not every class is donation based but one class a week is. We've seen the donation based model work on a small scale. When you set all your classes to donation based you're in for a rude awakening when it comes to hitting your financial needs, let alone goals. Instead, prioritize a different class weekly to use as your donation class or set the same class at the same time weekly to build a regular audience. 

This is another great thing to market to the community around you letting them know that they at least have one class a week that accessible to them. 

Sponsored Passes

The last model that can work great for making your Org more accessible is by connecting with a local non-profit and offering a number of passes to their community. This could look like providing a free 3-month pass to 10 students at a time. Or perhaps a discounted subscription at 50% to 25 people through the non-profit. When someone unsubscribes you can offer that spot up to someone else from the non-profit. 

By keeping a limit on the number of passes you give out you can easily track what's going on in your business and how much is being given away. It also creates boundaries so you don't feel like you're being taken advantage of. In the end, you still need to run your business and make money to stay in business. 

These are just three ways we've seen Orgs make wellness accessible, but there are plenty of more just waiting to be created. Remember that there should be a limit in how much you give away and that the bottom line of the business has to come first. You can't continue to help others if you aren't still in business. So take care of the financial needs first and then find creative ways to serve the community you know and love. 


Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here