Get Video Testimonials

If you've been on social media lately, there is a good chance that you've come across a video testimonial. Whether it was a paid ad or a sponsored post by an influencer, video testimonials are a powerful way to tell a new audience what's special about you and to build social trust by showcasing pasts customers who look like them. While testimonials of any kind are great for your marketing, video has a certain power that we're seeing across all digital marketing channels. So how do you use this super power? Let us break it down for you!

How to Collect Video Testimonials

Collecting testimonials isn't as hard as you think, you just have to remember that there is a huge monetary value to these videos and therefor an upfront cost needs to be made. Our favorite way to request video testimonials is to exchange the testimony for a free month of unlimited yoga, a certain dollar amount in your boutique, or access to an upcoming workshop or event. Basically you're thinking of something that you audience finds value in (or is already spending money on) and trading a 60-second video for that product. 

One of the members of our team recently submitted a video for their favorite zero waste product. They got a kit that was worth $120 for a 60-second video AND permission to use this video in any of their marketing. She thought it was totally worth it. It's already a brand she loves and wanted to buy more products from, and now she saved $120 and gets to help that small business keep growing. 

To start collecting testimonies, send out an email to all students on a subscription. These are dedicated customers who will be excited to find a way to support your Org and share with everyone who will listen why they love you. If they want to make a video they can fill out a google form that has their name, email, a place to upload the video, and a place where they agree that you are allowed to use this video in any and all marketing materials. Once you see their name come up in the completed form you can go to their Union account and comp a month of your unlimited subscription, an upcoming workshop, or whatever it is you've agreed to give them for doing this.

On average, you're looking for at least 5 of these testimonies, which means start small with the size of your audience you're sending this too. If you have 500 members you might only send to members who have practiced 60 times in the last 90-days and see if that gets you to a smaller audience. You can always choose to send this out to more students later if you find you aren't getting enough testimonials. But we like to start small and build only if you need to, that way you aren't comping 100 free months or workshops.

What To Include In Your Testimonial

This is super important, so read closely and take notes. What your videos say and how they're formatted, matters! Make it clear exactly what you want in your videos by saying it in the email and again on the form they're filling out. Here are the rules I like to give when requesting testimonials:
  • A 60-second or less video
  • Shot Vertically
  • Clear image of the person doing the talking (make sure to clean your lens before recording!)
  • Clear Audio 
If the video doesn't adhere to this format, the free month/workshop/etc. will not be provided.

Then you want to include 2-3 questions you want them to answer in this video. These should point to the things that make your Org different than others. Questions could include:
  • What brought you to (Insert Org Name)?
  • How long have your been a member?
  • How often do you take classes at (Insert Org Name)
  • What Keeps you coming back to (Insert Org Name)?
  • How is (Insert Org Name) different than other Orgs?
  • What were your wellness goals before coming to (Insert Org Name) and have your reached them?
  • How has the (Insert Org Name) community supported you?

Think about what converted your current students to become members. What is your price? Your offerings? The community? The location? Build at least one of your questions off that to highlight the main reason students are loving you and always coming back.

How To Use Your Videos

Now comes the fun part, sharing all these amazing words with your community. Since they're shot vertically these videos are so easy to share on social media. You can post to your feed as a regular post, reel, or in your stories. Cycle through all of them and know you can share them again. (With the algorithm your entire audience won't ever see all your posts so if you post one video today feel free to post it again a month from now!)

If paid advertising is a part of your marketing plan, these videos are the perfect content to update your ads. Again they work wonders as story ads or in-feed ads. Test out the different testimonies from a variety of people and see which one people resonate with.

Finally, add these videos to your website. Embed the posts from your social or upload them to Youtube. You can also edit the videos so that when in horizontal format you simply have a transparent logo in the background with the vertical video in the center. It's a clean way to be able to use your content anywhere!

Get Started with Video Testimonials

Videos are a powerhouse on social media and on our websites. (I mean, we are a video platform after all!) By capturing the stories of your current students you can build social trust to new students, highlight what makes you different, and make your current students feel amazing by giving them something free in return. It's a win-win-win all the way around.

Reach out to your subscribers with a gift that is of value to them and ask them to record video testimonials that highlight why they can't get enough of your Org. Then, share them anywhere you can!

Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here