5 Ways to Improve Your User's Experience With Union


5 Ways to Improve Your User’s Experience with Union

User experience is everything when it comes to creating a high-quality brand. From the emails you send to the quality of the video you offer in Union, your users want to feel like they have signed up for the best of the best (because they did!) So whether you’re just setting up your account or have hundreds of videos live in your library, here are our Top-5 ways to improve your user’s experience on Union.

5. Use a Transparent Logo
Keep your page looking sharp by uploading a logo that feels like it was built right into the site. Logos that have a white background will have a white square around them. This creates a visual disconnect between your brand and Union. Make it all flow as one by saving your images as a PNG with a transparent background.

4. Keep the Video Quality High
We highly recommend always using a camera phone to film any class. The cameras built in-to these devices are more powerful and create a crisp image that easy for your students to see. If you want to increase the quality, even more, stick with the camera on the back of your phone. 

3. Level Your Camera
It never feels good to publish a class that you put your heart and soul into only to realize that you look like you’re walking on the walls. High-quality video means paying attention to the details and one detail you shouldn’t forget is ensuring that your camera is level. It’s as easy as pulling up the leveler in your phone (built into all iPhones) and lining up with that 0°.

2. Update the Events Images to match your brand
When building your events you have the ability to upload a thumbnail image that will be used in your upcoming events page on Union. These images should match your branding, be clear, and simple with little going on in the background. If it feels right to have type overlaying the images make sure that it matches with your branding rules like your brand colors and fonts. By having different images for each event type you’ll also make it easy for your students to comprehend visually what they are signing up for.

1.Create a Sacred Space to Teach From
The number one way for you to create an amazing experience for your students is to make your space one they want to be in. This means, having the camera far enough from the teacher that you can see their full body in any orientation and close enough that you can still see their facial expressions. On top of that, your space should be clean, organized, and well-lit. 

With online classes, you have the power to increase the value of your studio memberships while reaching a whole new audience around the world. Make sure that the details of your studio online are just as thought out as the details of your home studio. It’s these little things that create a stellar user experience and keep retention in your business. 

Katie Leigh is a Marketing Strategist for small businesses. She helps Orgs simplify their marketing, connect with their audience, and create work-life balance. Download her free guide to work-life balance here.