Union Livestreaming Pricing

Union wants to help our clients continue to serve their communities during this trying time. One of the best ways for us collectively to pull through this is to continue to keep our minds at peace and our bodies in motion.

Union's livestreaming is designed to feel as much like attending a class as possible. We welcome you to check out our demo:

livestream_screenshot.png 1.03 MB

View a demo here: https://www.union.fit/sample_class

We're offering this pricing now so that any studio can quickly get up and running with livestreaming to keep offering classes that can serve your existing community and anyone else on the Internet looking to practice. We can sync with your existing set of members or let you start a brand new online business with classes that students can join live or replay later when convenient from their phone, computer, or TV.

To learn more and get a custom quote, please get in touch and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Live Streaming
  • $6 to record a 60 minute class ($0.10 / minute)
  • $0.18 for each viewer to stream a class ($0.003 / per viewer per minute)

Contact us about pricing for syncing your member data with external services.
Passes, Memberships and Payment Plans
  • 10% of each transaction on the Union platform (this can be passed on to the student)
All pricing subject to change. Credit card payment processing fee not included.