Little Buddhas

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Erin Bracco

Erin Bracco is the co-founder of Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, a mobile yoga + mindfulness company dedicated to nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. Erin is excited to spread her love of yoga to her fav...
Yoga for the whole family! Join Ms. Erin as she guides your family through a series of yoga games, partner poses, and meditation strategies gears for kids of all ages!

If you are joining in studio, please limit your family size to 3, or email [email protected] to see if there is space.

Coming IRL?
Please join us in studio with masks on.
We have taken every precaution to make the studio safe for you! Please bring all props you will need for class (mat, towel, water, blocks, and/or strap). Shared and sanitized weights will be provided if needed. No rental mats available. Deep sanitizing will happen with ample time between each class.

Joining from home?
Have your yoga mat, and water ready!