Monika Marynowski

Monika's journey with yoga started with her second pregnancy. To avoid another Cesarian section she prepared her body with Yoga, and was successful. After having the baby she found Yoga and was hooked. Yoga is al...

ZEN BURN + BOOST by Raden Wellness

Aired -

1h 21m
Zen Burn is a weighted yoga-based workout that builds strength using compound exercises. This class also incorporates cardio bursts for a total body workout.

Class is warmed to 85-95 degrees

Come for BURN, stay for a BOOST! Join us and Raden Wellness as we work hard in Burn for 75 minutes, and stay for some community time, and optional injections at 50% off from Raden Wellness (Be Well, Be Lean, CoQ10 and Vitamin D - all for $25)
SUGGESTED PROPS: 2 Sets of Dumbbells weighing between 3lbs to 20lbs.