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About YTX Yoga
YTX is an all-in-one yoga studio located in downtown Austin, Texas.

We empower yogis around the world to join our live-streaming classes, while local residents can enjoy lavender scented towels after class, shower with organic EO products, eat in our cafe, work remotely with free wifi, while leaving your mat behind for cleaning and storage with Mat Valet. 

All classes are led by expert level instructors, guaranteeing you will workup a sweat, especially if you try YoStrong; combining vinyasa flows, weights, squats and more!

YTX wants to invite you in from wherever you are in your journey. Our teachers are passionate individuals with a heart of service towards the yoga community and beyond. We want to provide a safe place for all to elevate their practice and offer multiple platforms for them to arrive there. Our passion remains serving our students and serving the Austin community to enable wellness as a lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio. 

Studio Phone Number: (512) 502-5183