Soul Sweat (heated)

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Josh Wechsler

Rooted in a lifelong love of yoga, spirituality, movement, and music, Josh Wechsler’s road to becoming a yoga teacher was predestined. For as long as he can remember he has been captivated by all things mystical,...

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Soul Sweat is a way to connect with self through introspection while moving through a dynamic powerful flow. Expect a dharma talk that links the philosophical aspects of yoga to everyday life, mantra/meditation to release the mind and increase concentration, mudras to affect the flow of energy in the body and bumpin music. While creatively and powerfully moving through foundational postures, you will experience an energetic balance throughout the body and feel a sense of ease as you emerge - regardless of what you come in with. It’s not only physical power, it’s power for your soul.

Devotional and dynamic, this hyped up class includes bumpin’ beats, a big sweat and a quality cool-down. It's an ecstatic flow that brings your soul to the edge of your body!

Heated between 90-95 degrees.