Handstand Heaven Flow (Level Two/Three - Challenging Yoga) [1:50]

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Shana Meyerson

I grew up a very intense athlete. I played the Junior USTA tennis circuit in high school, later trained for the Race Across America (bike riding 100 miles a day), and worked out like a fiend (three hours a day) a...
Finishing a class on time has never been a forte of mine…there’s just so much good stuff to do!
This class is an hour and fifty minutes long and just a warning: the last minute got cut off. I’m just happy I remembered to press the “record” button in the first place.
So, once you come out of savasana and back up to sitting, meditate and breathe as long as feels comfortable, say Namaste to the frozen screen and you’re done.
Heads up that this is a true 2/3 class…maybe closer to 3.
There are a lot of handstands involved…some easier than others. If you hate handstands—or fear them on any level—try another class. You can always do this one about a foot-and-a-half away from the wall, if need be.
Get ready to work hard, kids.  This one’s a fun one…

Level Two/Three