Shana Meyerson

I grew up a very intense athlete. I played the Junior USTA tennis circuit in high school, later trained for the Race Across America (bike riding 100 miles a day), and worked out like a fiend (three hours a day) a...

5 Steps To Master Your Float - Handstand To Any Arm Balance Workshop (Level Two/Three - Challenging Yoga) [49:41]

If you want to learn how to float into crow, or firefly, or lolasana, or astavakrasana, or….just about any arm balance on earth, here’s some news: you don’t need learn a million transitions. You really just need to learn 5 basic principles that are exactly the same no matter what pose you are going into.
In this workshop, I will reveal the 5 skills you need to master in order to get from handstand into the arm balance—or arm balances--of your choice.  And maybe one or two bonus skills….
If you can do a handstand and you can do an arm balance, you can float down. A lot of it is in your mind, and a lot has to do with technicalities that you are likely not aware of.
Ready to move past the futility and frustration? Let’s do this!
Level Two/Three Practice