Rollout for Recovery - For Runners - Part 2.5

Kim Galbraith

The demanding role of the athlete has caused coaches and trainers to expand their traditional training and conditioning regimes to include mobility, recovery and pliability techniques in order to keep their playe...
Props for this practice:  Coregeous Ball, 2 YTUs OG or Plus size or two therapy balls of the same size, blanket.  A computer or device that doesn't need updating (the tech struggle is real...). Dog optional, but it makes things interesting.

No yoga experience needed, this 30 minute session is straight recovery with Roll Model® therapy balls self-massage techniques and functional movement. Combined with assessment and body awareness methods, relaxation and breathing practices.   Strongly suggest that you purchase a full set of Roll Model®  balls for optimal results.

Great for athletes, office ninjas, active moms and dads!

Recommended props: a mat or space on a carpeted floor, a yoga block, a pillow, blanket or large (beach) towel, a yoga strap or resistance band.  We will be working with all shapes and sizes of the Roll Model® balls.  Order them here for the best results from these sessions: