Yoga for Mobility - Shoulders and Upper Spine

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Kim Galbraith

The demanding role of the athlete has caused coaches and trainers to expand their traditional training and conditioning regimes to include mobility, recovery and pliability techniques in order to keep their playe...
Props:  Foam Roller, Yoga Strap,  Block, 1 set of OG Yoga Tune Up balls.
Please excuse the first few minutes where the camera adjustment happened. ;-)

Yoga for seniors, those recovering from injuries or illness or just beginning yoga. Breath work, mindful meditation practices, mobility exercises that work on retaining or increasing range of motion and beginning yoga poses. Some or part of this class is normally taught in a chair.

Recommended props:  A sticky mat, a sturdy chair with no arms, a yoga blanket or large (beach) towel, a set of original Yoga Tune Up (YTU)  Roll Model® balls or two tennis balls.  You can order YTUs here: