Kim Galbraith

The demanding role of the athlete has caused coaches and trainers to expand their traditional training and conditioning regimes to include mobility, recovery and pliability techniques in order to keep their players healthy. My D1 college and high school clients are quick to recognize that by adding sport and position-specific yoga postures (Power Yoga for Sports™), myofascial release techniques (with Yoga Tune-Up® balls), Somatic mobility exercises (Hanna Somatics), coupled with breath and meditation practices they can really level up their physical performance and mental game.

I'm the former Director of Athletic Recovery for the Moorpark High School basketball team in Moorpark, CA and worked closely with a well-regarded coaching staff, as well as the yoga coach for a number of high school/college athletes in the area.  I've been a yoga educator for the past 10 years teaching classes and workshops for all ages – including preschoolers and seniors, for youth organizations like Girl and Boy Scouts, yoga for Physical Education and Biology students at several high schools, and for the County of Ventura Wellness Program.