Strong Opening Flow • Level 2/3

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Erica Blitz

I'm Erica Blitz.  I believe in the power to move + be moved. I'm passionate about yoga and am honoured to share this practice with you - yes, YOU! My classes are practice of movement and mindfulness with modif...
A class that flows through a challenging and creative sequence that focuses on opening the front body - hips and shoulders. Rooted in alignment principles and detailed instruction, you will move through a dynamic practice that includes variations on Surya Namaskar B, a balancing flow (Dancer's Pose, Side Plank, Half Moon)  to help you focus your mind before moving towards Full Wheel Pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and some challenging variations. An intermediate to advanced class that honors the body’s wisdom and the meditative aspect of yoga.

Grab two blocks and let's practice!