Strong Flow: Back Strengthening and Opening

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Erica Blitz

I'm Erica Blitz.  I believe in the power to move + be moved. I'm passionate about yoga and am honoured to share this practice with you - yes, YOU! My classes are practice of movement and mindfulness with modif...
This level 2/3 class flows through a challenging and creative sequence, aiming to find our way toward Wheel Pose by strengthening the core and back. Rooted in alignment principles and detailed instruction, this class is open to any student who wishes to deepen their practice, especially their backbends. If you have been practicing Wheel Pose for some time and are curious to learn to approach dropping back and standing up, this practice is for you!

An intermediate to advanced class that honors the body’s wisdom and the meditative aspect of yoga.

Grab two blocks, a strap and have your mat by the wall.