Gratitude Flow • Level 2

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Linda Baffa

Linda Baffa (E-RYT) is a singer, a mama, a foodie, and a free spirit. With 20 years of consistent yoga and meditation practice, Linda is dedicated to living yoga on and off the mat.  Her teaching style stems from...
This class is about feeling your heart, your breath, and gratitude for the abundance of blessings in our lives. Come to this class any time you need to lift your spirit and remember what is important in life. Remember: you are enough and you have enough. 

Practice flows at a mindful pace through a challenging and creative sequence. Rooted in alignment principles and detailed instruction, this class is open to any student who wishes to deepen their practice by focusing on the body, the flow of attention, and breath. An intermediate to advanced class that honors the body’s wisdom and the meditative aspect of yoga.