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I was born in Scotland in a spiritual community called Findhorn, from a family of healers and mystics. That foundation began my early spiritual inquiry. Growing up in Northern California and Maui, I was introduce...

Therapeutic Flow • All-Levels - Solar Plexus Attuning

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1h 7m
The theme of this class is building strength & stability while in flow, with an emphasis on mountain of presence & solar plexus attuning. We'll utilize some tapping exercises and enjoy a restful ending.

Terra's classes blend traditional yoga practices with modern therapeutic variations. They fuse the esoteric with the scientific and the yin with the yang, balancing stability and strength with ease. 

Intelligently sequenced, they incorporate a variety of movements to open up the energy channels in the body; on a given day, students might use props, work at the wall, and even use primal sounding to release the voice. 

These classes encourage students to maintain a conscious heart, alert mind, and embodied presence of spirit, helping students to cultivate a sense of harmony in their bodies and their lives.