Integrative Flow

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Kiaora Fox

Kiaora Fox is an embodiment specialist, certified in 5Rhythms®, Reset Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Pilates. She has been teaching for over 18years. With everything Kiaora offers, the thread is learning from and rel...
This practice offers a deeply therapeutic and nurturing process. KiaOra uses creative sequencing of fascia focused stretches to warm up your connective tissues. Todays class focuses specifically on sacral health, creating more mobility and stability in the pelvis, which then creates a ripple effect of ease in the upper body which is nurtured in today’s practice with some easy twists.

You will need blocks, a strap and possibly a blanket for the comfort of your knees. 

Stimulate greater understanding of how your body works, learn more about your anatomy, tap into your breath and navigate the edge of your structural strength and muscular stretch in this class.