Cynthia Abulafia

Cynthia brings an eye for detailed instruction to her challenging and creative classes. She likes to make the difficult doable and the doable difficult, with a little humor and a little fierceness kicked in to th...

Tantric Meditation

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8:00-8:45 AM

Morning Meditations are included with Yoga Soup Membership
Drop-in $15 (student/senior rates $10)
Meditation Class Pack-  5/$60 

Tantric Meditation: Simple tools and practices for deep relaxation, healing and self-realization. 

Many of us experience the fragile peace or joy that is easily disturbed by our external circumstances brought about in our daily lives. Without realizing, we create a perpetual cycle of suffering for ourselves and those around us when we hold onto the idea that we are flawed, incomplete, and are in need of fixing, changing, or obtaining certain things to feel fulfilled and whole. 

Non-dualistic Tantric traditions invite us to explore our spiritual path from a place of wholeness and perfection. It offers practices where we could gain first hand experiences of the reality of life. It gives us tools to help us integrate all aspects of our mind, body and spirit, so that we can find true healing and realize our true nature. 

In this series, we explore various Tantric meditations to:  
  • Help you be more resilient to daily life challenges
  • Open your mind to new perspectives
  • Deepen connection with yourself
  • Discover the unchanging, unshakeable inner peace that is independent of external circumstances.

There are many ways to explore the teachings of Tantra. Cynthia Abulafia and Dora Chan invite you to explore different experiential practices for self-realization. 

Dora explores the Tantric teaching through the experiential practice of Yoga Nidra, which is a meditation that is traditionally done lying down. The practice of Yoga Nidra may support you in finding a deep state of relaxation and allow you to connect to deeper layers of consciousness.