Suzanne Marlow

Suzanne has been in the healing arts for the past 35 years, and has been a teacher of yoga for over 25 years. Her training and certification through Insight Yoga has afforded her the ability to create a slow flow...

◇ Meditation Soup

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Tuesdays at Yoga Soup


By Donation/Dana
(No donation required. Suggested $10. Please adjust price to your comfort level)

Diana, Suzanne & Christy lead guided meditations in-studio and live-streamed.
Traci leads very lightly guided meditations in-studio.
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Start your morning with this beautiful opportunity to practice in community. Each week in the month of March we will explore a theme relating to Self Compassion and then sit together in a semi-structured format.  In the month of April we will explore Beginning Anew. 

Our Tuesday morning meditations are led by a group of practitioners with diverse backgrounds and styles.  Connecting these experiences is shared inspiration and individual practices grounded in the teachings of the Buddha and Western Insight Buddhism.  

Intended for spiritual seekers of all faiths, paths, and levels of experience who are interested in how the Buddha's teachings can offer support, stability and ease in day to day life. 

Insight, or Vipassana, meditation is a practice of sustained awareness on present moment experience through body, heart, and mind. Wisdom or insight is a natural consequence through regular practice.  It is believed to be the form of meditation taught by the Buddha. Present moment awareness can be calming, energizing, challenging or soothing... we sit with our experience as it is, learning from what not only is arising but also how our perceptions define our world inside and out. 

Tuesday Morning Meditations hold a similar format of a short Dharma talk followed by a 20-30 min meditation and time for reflection and optional sharing. 

Diana Hill sits at the intersection of modern psychological science and time-tested contemplative wisdom. In her dharma talks, Diana weaves storytelling, neuroscience, and clinical research into her contemplative teaching.  With over 20 years of meditation experience, Diana primarily draws from the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and compassion-focused approaches. Her meditations are guided, grounding, approachable, and designed for the beginning meditator and the experienced meditator alike. 

Suzanne Marlow Has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years, in this time she has learned to blend the philosophy of buddhist thought with the therapeutic understandings of western psychology. Her sessions will include a teaching of the dharma, followed by various techniques used to develop a comprehensive meditation practice.

​​Christy Peterson’s guided meditations are fairly structured to support beginners, mind wanderers, and more experienced meditators alike. Her teaching is inspired by timeless and timely ideas from ancient thinkers and poets to present day researchers, teachers, and storytellers. She loves it all! Her hope is to make the practice and meditation accessible and to grow and learn in community.

Traci Reitz has been practicing meditation for over 20 years and draws primarily from teachings of Western Insight Buddhism.  Her meditations are very lightly guided, creating space to shift from doing to being.  Explore quiet, stillness, and the unique experience of silent meditation in a community setting.  Appropriate for beginners curious about the workings of their own minds and hearts and those with meditation experience. Held with the intention of a closed container to explore silence, these meditations are not live streamed. 

* Your generous contribution will enable us to continue offering these teachings, creating a space for personal growth, inner peace, and mindfulness. Your dana will help cover the costs associated with organizing, housing, and conducting meditation sessions, ensuring that this valuable practice remains accessible to all who seek its benefits. Thank you for considering this request, and your kindness in supporting the meditation teachings is truly meaningful.

Please contact with any questions, comments or feedback.