Weekly Women's Circle

Weekly on Wednesdays,
Weekly until March 20, 2022 on Wednesdays
and more with
Amber Goodenough

SOUND SERIES: Gong Yoga Nidra

Fri, 7/15/22 7:00 PM,
Sun, 8/28/22 4:00 PM
and more with
Mitsuko Newlan

Heart Wide Open Kirtan

SOUND SERIES: Sound Meditation

Sun, 7/10/22 4:00 PM,
Sun, 6/5/22 4:00 PM
and more with
Danielle Elese

Authentic Relating Games

Fri, 5/27/22 7:00 PM with Damian Gallagher

Donation Stretch Class: FUNDRAISER FOR UKRAINE

Sun, 5/29/22 2:00 PM with Olga Onishenko

SOUND SERIES: Embracing Emotion through Sound

Sun, 5/29/22 4:00 PM,
Sun, 6/19/22 4:00 PM
and more with
Natalia Alyse

New Moon Mantra-Song-writing

Tue, 5/31/22 7:00 PM with Samara Jade

Sound Series: Heart Songs- Kirtan with Cacao

Fri, 6/3/22 7:00 PM with Darren Marc

Prema Love: Sacred Chant Concert

Sat, 6/11/22 6:00 PM with Prema Love

SOUND SERIES: Sound Bath + Meditation

Sun, 7/17/22 4:00 PM,
Sun, 6/12/22 4:00 PM
and more with
Lauren Barker

FireTenders Presents: Taste The Fire

Sun, 6/12/22 5:45 PM with Timothy Tillman