🔸 5 Elements 5 Myths Vinyasa:

Sat, 3/2/24, Sat, 4/13/24, Sat, 5/4/24 with Kelly Heath

🔸 Barefoot Body Care

Fri, 2/23/24 with Luca Cupery

🔸 SOUND SERIES: Intuitive Sound Bath

Sun, 3/24/24 with Lauren Barker

🔸 Sound Series: Reiki Soundscape

Sun, 3/3/24 with Darren Marc & Anahita Holden

🔸 Sound Series: Soundgasm Experience

Sun, 2/11/24, Sun, 3/17/24 with Shane Chunephisal

🔸Yoga with Reiki & Sound Healing

Fri, 2/16/24, Fri, 3/1/24, Fri, 3/29/24 with Darren Marc

🔸 Authentic Relating Games

Monthly on the 3rd Friday with Damian Gallagher

🔸 Yin-tensive with Suzanne Marlow

Monthly on the 4th Sunday with Suzanne Marlow

🔸 SOUND SERIES: Gong Yoga Nidra

Sun, 2/18/24, Sun, 3/31/24 with Mitsuko Newlan

*Childcare* on Mondays at 12pm

Weekly on Mondays with Yoga Soup Staff

◇ Meditation Soup

Monthly on the 3rd Tuesday, Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday, Monthly on the 1st Tuesday, Monthly on the 4th Tuesday and more with Christy Peterson, Diana Hill, Suzanne Marlow, Traci Reitz

🔸 Community Song Circle

Weekly on Tuesdays with Heather Stevenson