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YOGA SHANTI GOLD: Beginning of a Winter Hibernation | A Restorative Practice

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Why do we practice Savasana in different shapes? When properly propped and supported, the body-mind can deep dive into the depth of its being. Some restorative poses illicit the inhalation and some the exhalation. Some help to quiet the nervous system and some stimulate it. Come and find out the basic shapes and how they harmonize to rest and restore your body and mind.. You will be surprised how much more you can let go and awaken. When we stop moving and start meditating with optimum relaxation, silence and stillness arise. When we are silent and still we become clear. When we are clearly in the present moment, desperation ceases. Bring as many props as you have: blankets, towels, blocks, chairs, sandbag, straps, eye pillows, etc. They are not all necessary but can be helpful. See you with your blanket, pillows and teddy bears!