SHANTI OPEN: Finding Tadasana in your Standing Poses

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Ashley McGee

Ashley is a graduate of premier studio, Yoga Shanti’s 200-hour teacher training where she began studying with world-renowned teachers, Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee. She values yoga as a science and union of...
In this class we practice an iteration of Iyengar's standing pose sequence. We illuminate the feeling of Tadasana & continue finding that foundation throughout the sequence. Come ready to feel the earth beneath your feet. 

This class is for anyone – from avid headstanders to those with a foundational knowledge of yoga. Each teacher has their own style and approach to teaching, making this class ideal for students who are open to diving into the wide world of what yoga has to offer. It focuses on alignment, stability in posture, sequence of poses, use of props, pranayama and deepening personal practice.