Flow with Chanting: Journey Toward Rotated Triangle

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Tracey Toomey McQuade

Tracey Toomey McQuade is a mama, writer and yogi who splits her time between NYC and Amagansett. A devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation, Tracey teaches yoga at PS 41 in Greenwich Village and Yoga Shanti wh...
This class is a flowing journey toward rotated triangle with lots of closed twists and juicy forward folds.  
Chant: Guru Mantra

Flow with Chanting features creative sequences set to music that encourage freedom of movement while honoring the brilliant architecture of the human form. (In layman's terms, you will have fun and break a sweat and move and breathe freely without hurting yourself!) The harmonium will be featured in each class, along with chanting to begin and end the practice.  Keep your heart light, grow your roots deep.  Jai shri Radhe!