Avita Yoga® Green 45: Knee Extension

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Jeff Bailey

Yoga has been part of my life since 1985 when at the age of 23 I found a practice that I would explore and modify for years to come as I worked through my own stuff. I have found that with a self-forgiving approa...
When do you ever express the full extension of the knee? What activity would do that? Cycling, running, sitting, swimming, none express the knee fully. No activity really does that for any of the joints which is the basis for one of Avita's principles: Maintain if not improve upon the health and full function of every joint in the body, both actively and passively. Stretching won't do it! You have to use the muscles and the thoughtful leverage of the shapes to get it. The payoff is enormous for those willing to do the work. This class tends to focus on knees.

Materials: 1 Bolster, 1 Sandbag

You can get a lot done in 45 minutes. These shorter classes tend to focus on a particular part of the body. It could be ankles, knees, or shoulders for example. If you have a limited amount of time or would like to search the Replays for a class that targets a particular need, Avita Green classes are for you.

Avita Yoga® is an approach that specializes in resolving injuries, chronic pain, stiffness and hyper flexibility. It eases the body’s aging process by stimulating the body's natural, healing physiology. Avita Yoga addresses our differences--body type, age, life history, injury, etc. Too often we move around our problems without even knowing it, which tends to make them worse.

Avita Yoga® brings areas of conflict and rigidity to light where they can be resolved. It is a sustainable practice that generates long-term results with more freedom in body and more peace in mind. If you've ever thought that you are too stiff for yoga, then Avita is for you. The goal is simple: to remain healthy, mobile and happy as long as possible. As such, Avita Yoga is a no-frills, results-driven practice. Best when practiced three times per week, it is a systematic approach that pays close attention to each individual body. It works for students of all ages, abilities and degrees of mobility. Avita is the yoga for a lifetime™.