Avita Yoga® Orange - 90m Easter Class with Meditation

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Jeff Bailey

Yoga has been part of my life since 1985 when at the age of 23 I found a practice that I would explore and modify for years to come as I worked through my own stuff. I have found that with a self-forgiving approa...
Join Jeff Bailey and his wife Lori for this longer practice with a guided meditation relevant to the holiday. This practice has a focus on hips and shoulders and has a more active approach. Good for a morning practice. 

Avita Yoga® takes an all-inclusive approach to yoga. It specializes in resolving injuries, chronic pain, stiffness and hyper flexibility. It eases the body’s aging process by stimulating the body's natural, healing physiology. Avita Yoga address our differences--body type, age, life history, injury, etc. Too often we move around our problems without even knowing it, which tends to make them worse.

Best when practiced three times per week, it is a systematic approach that pays close attention to each individual body. It works for students of all ages, abilities and degrees of mobility. Avita is the yoga for a lifetime™.