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Avita Yoga Series 1.1

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Jeff Bailey

Yoga has been part of my life since 1985 when at the age of 23 I found a practice that I would explore and modify for years to come as I worked through my own stuff. I have found that with a self-forgiving approa...
We must first learn what it means to heal. Instead of trying to "get better" at the shape, learn to take a kind, healing approach. We ALL need it.  Healing and any goal for physical accomplishment cannot coexist because it takes us out of the healing power of Now. Nowness comes when we relinquish judgment and willingly address what comes up moment by moment. This is our yoga. The class opens with shoulder work and evolves into some neck and hip work, but as usual, nothing is left out, no matter what part of the body becomes the subject. If any shape is ever too strong, reduce pressure or come out the shape altogether and wait for what comes next. Namaste.

Materials: 1 Bolster, 1 Strap

Avita Yoga® brings areas of conflict and rigidity to light where they are resolved. It is a sustainable practice that generates long-term results with more freedom in the body and more peace of mind. If you've ever thought that you are too stiff for yoga, then Avita is for you. The goal is simple: to remain healthy, mobile, and happy as long as possible. Avita Yoga is a results-driven practice, ideally three to four times per week. Some are called to practice daily, but start slow and pace yourself. It works for students of all ages, abilities, and degrees of mobility. Avita is the yoga for a lifetime®.