Avita Yoga® Orange: You are The Light of The World

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Jeff Bailey

Yoga has been part of my life since 1985 when at the age of 23 I found a practice that I would explore and modify for years to come as I worked through my own stuff. I have found that with a self-forgiving approa...
This is the first studio class held in person at Yoga Loft since the King Soopers tragedy. It has been a year fraught with challenges, but we can use all challenges to heal. This is our yoga—to gently observe the obstacles, on all levels, in body and mind, and follow them in. We are programmed to form opinions and jump to conclusions that tend to pull us back out and into the world where healing cannot occur. But if we ask for love’s help it will guide us inward in all we do and wash away the pain. Perhaps not as fast as we want, but just as love does--silent, kind, persevering, and extremely patient. Join me in asking for love’s Guidance and let the light shine through. After all, we are the light of the world.

This class takes a gentle approach and uses the body as a vehicle to access our higher reality. The shapes bring up the stuff, it’s our yoga to hold the darkness to light. After all, where are the shadows when light has come?

Materials: 1 Bolster, 1 Strap

As mobility and health improve, confidence increases and the student is naturally ready for more time, pressure, and complexity in the shapes and movements. Avita Orange classes allow the advancing student to safely experience these additional elements. Remember to reduce pressure and time when you are in doubt. It's wise to practice mostly Avita Green two to three times per week and add an Avita Orange class once per week. Please note, Avita Yoga Red classes are available only as replays, for now.

Avita Yoga® is an approach that specializes in resolving injuries, chronic pain, stiffness, and hyper flexibility. It eases the body’s aging process by stimulating the body's natural, healing physiology. Avita Yoga addresses our differences--body type, age, life history, injury, etc. Too often we move around our problems without even knowing them, which tends to make them worse.

Avita Yoga® brings areas of conflict and rigidity to light where they can be resolved. It is a sustainable practice that generates long-term results with more freedom in body and more peace in mind. If you've ever thought that you are too stiff for yoga, then Avita is for you. The goal is simple: to remain healthy, mobile, and happy as long as possible. As such, Avita Yoga is a no-frills, results-driven practice. Best when practiced three times per week, it is a systematic approach that pays close attention to each individual body. It works for students of all ages, abilities, and degrees of mobility. Avita is the yoga for a lifetime™.