Vinyasa - All Levels Class: Strong yet calm, like the ocean

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Dana Cicciarelli

Hello! My name is Dana… My journey in yoga happened somewhat accidentally, when on a whim I decided to start a 2 month yoga training immersion in Costa Rica. Throughout my time there in my practice, I was peeled ...
When I think of the ocean two words automatically come to mind, strong and calm. The ocean water can be so calm and serene, yet also all powerful and strong. Taking these elements of water into our practice we find our inner power and strength. Staying fluid and keeping a sense of calmness both on and off our mats.

Props: 2 blocks

Open to practitioners of all levels and abilities
This yoga class combines classical yoga teachings, healthy alignment and breathing techniques that calm the mind and open the heart while providing a physical practice that strengthens the body and promotes overall flexibility.