Free Introduction to Avita Yoga for Sciatic Pain

Jeff Bailey

Yoga has been part of my life since 1985 when at the age of 23 I found a practice that I would explore and modify for years to come as I worked through my own stuff. I have found that with a self-forgiving approa...
Jeff Bailey shares insights about sciatic pain and how Avita Yoga can help. This video is the first step to the following five 20-minute videos to restore mobility of the hip and low back to bring relief to sciatic pain. 

In this five part video series, Jeff Bailey and his wife Lori share movements and shapes designed to help relieve sciatic pain. You may review any class in this miniseries at anytime for 60 days from the date of purchase. These  videos will not only help alleviate the pain, but also help resolve the source of the pain. For this reason it's good to come back to the series periodically to help prevent future issues. 

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