In Person or Virtual 10 CLASS PACK $165 valid for 5 months
  • Good for any In Person, Livestream, or On-demand Replay. Re-watch livestreams and replays for up to 24-hours. Expires in 5 months.
  • One-time charge
Live Stream Yoga 10 CLASS PACK $140 valid for 3 months
  • 10 yoga classes, save by buying a pack. Good for livestreams or replays.

  • One-time charge
The Ultimate Pass: Monthly Unlimited Classes Membership $119 per month
  • Unlimited In Person, Livestream, and Ondemand Replays. Auto renews monthly. Cancel anytime. 
  • Auto-renews
New Student Special: 30 days Unlimited Virtual Yoga $30 $30 valid for 30 days
  • Access to one In-Person class AND unlimited access to all Live-Streaming classes and Replays for 30 consecutive days! One time only offer. 
  • One-time charge
In Person DROP-IN $20 one time use
  • Join us at the studio for a real live class!
  • One-time charge
Live Stream DROP-IN $15 one time use
  • Good for one yoga class. 

  • One-time charge
24 Hour Access to a Replay $5 one time use
  • Take any class replay for $5.
  • One-time charge