Fun Sequence to Fallen Star, Twisted Half Moon

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Brynn Wickham

Brynn (RYT-500) practices yoga for equanimity, focus, and physical endurance. A student of vinyasa and hatha yoga for ten years, her classes feature unique asana sequences that are designed to suit all levels. A ...
Move through this calming, mindful flow that includes twists, shoulder openers, and a unique vinyasa sequence. End with prop-supported postures to utterly relax the body: supported frog, supported foward fold, and supported supine child's pose. Take it from a new student who commented, "this was one of my favorite yoga classes ever"!

Vinyasa is a dynamic system of practicing asana by linking breath to continuous movement in sequence. This style of yoga builds heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength through focused concentration. An attentive ear and some knowledge of basic yoga postures is recommended to keep pace with the flow. Sequencing is often built around sun salutations, and may vary with teacher. Students are encouraged to modify and take variations if needed.