Energetic Flow

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Sarah Koh

Sarah Koh is a co-creator, traveler, an artist, martial arts practitioner, an adventurer at heart, teacher, and also a friend.   ​ Her style of teaching is healing, highly intuitive, aligned physically + spiritua...

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Flow from the feet to the crown of the head. In this breath-based practice, we will deepen our awareness, and align our physical, emotional, energetic, & spirit bodies. Moving from the inside out, we will mindfully open and balance our centers from the ground up. Clear and focused, strong and fluid, open and excited, this is a whole body complete practice.

Health & Safety Information (for In Person Classes Only):

  • These indoor classes will take place in the studio, located at 286 Divisadero St in Lower Haight. 
  • ALL in-person classes are the schedule are designated as "vaccination required". Upload proof of your vaccination to register. 
  • Only students 18 and above can take class. Masks are optional as of 2/16/22.
  • All students must bring their own mats. Props and disposable wipes will be provided. 
  • Do not come to class if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID. 
  • Classes will be limited to 30 students and will also be available for livestream and replay. 
  • Due to limited capacity cancellations must be made 12 hours in advance of class. All late cancellations will incur $20 fee.

We look forward to seeing you (safely) for class!