An Embodied Practice

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Jenna Valez

Jenna Valez (she/they), RYT 500, is a Bay Area native with a professional background in contemporary dance. They have over 10 years of experience in performance, choreography, and teaching, a BA in psychology and...
This practice has you flow through 30 min of a well rounded vinyasa practice and 30 min of deep stretching and relaxation. We close practice with a mindful embodied meditation as I guide awareness to each part of the body. Where can you find more softness in your body? Where can you find more softness in your life? Props: 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 2 blankets 

This class focuses on the heat-building and skilled sequencing of Vinyasa to strengthening and stretch the physical core, then winds down into Restorative Yoga posturing to reset the body. This is a unique combination of intensity and relaxation offering a holistic approach that will leave students invigorated and refreshed. All levels welcome.